Began as a vision, turned into reality. Art2Go is a new initiative which stemmed from parent company, Jared’s Paintings. Starting its first chapter in Puerto Rico, effective February 1, 2016, Art2Go aims to provide immune compromised pediatric patients the ability to creatively express themselves in their hospital rooms using healthy and safe materials.


The goal of the program is to fund art supplies and art carts that will be able to circulate around hospitals in the San Juan Area including San Jorge Pediatric Hospital, Centro Medico, and Ronald McDonald House, to name a few. And with the assistance of both high school students and local artists, we will all be able to instill smiling faces and provide the   benefits of therapy to young patients around Puerto Rico.

Art2Go Donations

In order for Art2Go to expand its reach throughout local hospitals in the San Juan area, we rely on donations from individuals, companies, and organizations based on the art packages seen below. Following the art theme, we have incorporated the names of modern artists and medium types into our donation platforms. 


Please note that in-kind donations of art supplies and or art carts are very welcome! 

Art2Go Premier Sponsors & Donors

Better Blinds, Puerto Rico

Picasso Level Donation: $500