I received my “Frosty Bubbles iPhone Case” and love your artwork— very jazzy and distinctive.
Had to share a photo...
Best of luck!
— Christine Zombrano, Boca Raton, Florida, USA
I just received my phone cover and I LOVE it! I posted some info on Facebook and Twitter so I hope people I know have a big heart...
Thank you!
— Agnieszka, North Miami, Florida, USA
I would like to thank you once more for delivering the “Urban Reflection” painting and the thoughtful letter you included. In addition to the wonderful quality of your piece, I am extremely happy and inspired to see that through your paintings and donations you demonstrate an amazing will to overcome adversity and a commitment to help others. Continue to put your heart, mind and soul in everything that you want to accomplish, and thank you for making a difference in this world.
— Robert Fuertes, Aventura, Florida, USA
I ordered an adorable ladybug painting from Jared for two distinct reasons. The first was very personal. My grown daughter has dystonia and I know the struggle and challenges she faces daily. She, like Jared has an amazing attitude and refuses to let dystonia define who she is and what she can do. I so admired Jared’s determination and strength that I wanted to be supportive of his efforts. I also thought his paintings were charming and would add a delightful touch to our home.

When I received the painting I could not have been more pleased. Our house has a ladybug door knocker, watering can and front mat- as in season we are overwhelmed by ladybugs. I have always thought of them as good luck and we have embraced the season when they flock to our house. Jared’s painting sits perfectly in our mudroom where we greet the ladybugs annually. It is just as I hoped, reflecting his talent and his resolve. We don’t always get to choose what life hands us, but we choose how we handle what we are given. Jared epitomizes that philosophy. I encourage anyone charmed by his art, impressed by his grace and supportive of medical research to own one of his wonderful paintings. Long after a cure for dystonia has been found, we will still be enjoying our little bit of Jared.
— June Hersh, New York City, New York, USA
I just wanted to thank you for my beautiful painting, but most importantly for having brought joy and inspiration to my life. I think it’s just amazing that a young man your age can put so much effort and dedication into raising awareness for such a wonderful cause. It’s this kind of effort that will undoubtedly one day allow for everything that you wish for to become a reality. In the mean time you can count on me to support you in all your endeavors and projects, I can only hope God will give me everyday the
same passion and energy He has blessed you with.”

— Jenny Sosa, Aventura, Florida, USA
“I absolutely LOVE my picture. It is perfect! It is the first thing you see when you open the door to my room and looks just beautiful. It is also the first thing I see when I wake up each morning and automatically cheers me up every morning! I was surprised you got it to me as quickly as you did. It arrived safely and has cheered me up every day since I got it.

Thank you so much! You really have a lot of talent. I feel my picture is beautiful; and is also full of life and cheerfulness.”

As always best wishes and much love to you and your family!
— Becky Sayler, Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Thank you so much for my painting. I love it and will cherish it always. “Blossoming Bloom” inspires great feelings. There is something really new, fresh, innocent and happy about it. I smile every time I glance at the red petals. Thank you for that. You are an awesome young man and you taught me about Dystonia. I have a great appreciation for your cause to promote research for Dystonia. I will certainly recommend your work to my friends and family.

I wish you much success in reaching your goal.
— Lumenise Gilot, Hollywood, Florida, USA
We have Jareds Painting’s “Urban Reflection” and we love it. We moved into a more urban area in Miami and Jared captured the feeling of downtown and expressed the flow and mood with such vibrant colors! We made sure that his painting is the first we and our guest see when the front door is opened. Jared, you are so talented and caring and this comes out in your work. We are proud to have your work in our home and honored to be a part of your philanthropy.
— Sherry & Pasquale Giordano, Miami, Florida, USA
Ronnie and I received you “Celebration” painting yesterday, and we absolutely love it. You are a very talented artist and your use of color is wonderful and so uplifting! I am going to recommend your website to all my friends and I commend your tenacity in promoting your work for research for Dystonia.
— Nicki Herman, Atlanta Georgia, USA
I LOVE IT! I like the red dots, green dots, purple dots, and flowers! They make me feel happy.
— Samantha Herman (age 4), San Diego, California, USA
“I received your paintings. They are great! We hung them both in my house already.... Great job and keep up the great work!!”
— Craig Lavid, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Thank you for the painting! Everybody in my family enjoys it. My two boys both wanted it to put in their rooms. I had no idea that Craig and I got the same painting. My family and I wish you continues success with Jared’s Paintings!
— Eric Leakwood, Kansas City, Missouri, USA
We are so happy with our purchase form Jared’s Paintings. Our “Shiny Sailboats” pictures make our classroom feel like home and brighten it up tremendously! The pictures is even better than we thought it would be. It is very unique and original and the money goes to an amazing cause. The students in our classroom have been asking for the website so they can look at more of Jared’s beautiful paintings! Thanks Jared! We love out new art!
— Mrs. Einhorn's Class, Aventura City of Excellence School, Aventura, Florida, USA